"SWEET PEA" Unisex Tee

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The colors of these pieces were inspired by the colors of my dogs.

This tee is a deep slate color w/ light gray ink. invert of the sweats.

Sweet Pea's story: My mom found her on facebook. She had been in the Burbank shelter for 17 months. Skittish, absolutely terrified of people, but loves other dogs. She's a flirt. We don't know much about her tough life before the shelter but I think she may have been abused, judging by how scared she is of people. We also suspect that she was used for breeding. When you win Pea's love, it is so rewarding because she hates everyone. Her motto is "Trust No Bitch" for sure. We took her home and she was scared to be inside the house. We let her do her own thing, kept the doors open, didn't look her in the eyes, and eventually she warmed up. She loves her humans. Her and brooze are the sweetest together. Yin and Yang vibes.

Pit bulls have so much soul. I will always be an advocate for rescuing pitties.

100% U.S. Cotton